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Door Maintenance and Repairs

Glass and Windows Manawatu offers a full repair and maintenance service for most types of residential, commercial and industrial door types.

New or existing door systems can be examined, diagnosed and repaired at a very competitive price.

If your sliding door is not running smoothly, if it is sticky and hard to open it most likely needs the wheels to be replaced this needs to be done promptly to avoid the track becoming damaged.

If your track has been damaged the team at Glass and Windows Manawatu can replace it to get your door running smoothly again.

Are your hinged door dropping or dragging on the ground? Are your locks misaligning? Does your glass have gaps at the top or sides? If you answer yes to any of these questions then call Glass and Windows Manawatu Today!

Ph: 06-3567357

Cell: 022-601-5033


Door repairs Palmerston North

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